A tractorload of Hawkstone for the Alpine Formula 1 team

Jun 2023
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Don’t drink and tweet. These are words to live by and words we’re going to sound as an alarm every time Jeremy reaches for his phone after a pint. Why? Because our Hawkstonian High Priest gets rowdy on Twitter once beer touches his lips.

It all started during the Monaco Grand Prix when Jeremy tweeted: ‘Come on @AlpineF1Team I’ll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here.’

You probably already know that they did get a podium – congrats to the whole Alpine team – which meant that Jeremy had to make good on his promise. And honoring that promise meant hauling a tractor full of our delicious beer over to their base in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

Getting there was a bumpy ride. It involved some smashed bottles, a bit of swearing, a lot of sweating and Kaleb telling Jeremy off – some wounded pride and a sore backside. But we got there eventually, despite travelling at a top speed of about 10 miles an hour and everyone got a celebratory bottle of Hawkstone for their incredible performance.

“I’m glad I was able to spur you on to take a spot on the podium, although you’d probably have managed it anyway.” – Jeremy

In the end, it turned out to be a cracking day with the Alpine team. We drank some Hawkstone lager together in the sun to toast their well-deserved victory. And that alone was well worth the sore arse from riding the tractor.

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