Brewery Tours - Terms & Conditions

We hold multiple tours each week. For health and safety reasons along with licensing and staffing requirements we reserve the right to implement certain T+C’s for our tours. Strictly no attendees under the age of 18 this includes infants. Any persons arriving with people under the age of 18 will be asked that a responsible member of their party (over the age of 18) can remain with the underage members in our taproom.

Persons attending the tour must:

  1. Always remain with the guide and follow any instruction given verbally.
  2. The brewery is a food production premises and visitors must not eat (including the chewing of gum), smoke or vape while inside the production premises and on the tour
  3. Any belongings containing food, drinks (other than beer samples) or medicines must remain in the brewery tap room before entering the brewery.
  4. Any persons attending the tour are not permitted on or around the Brew deck or any open vessels, should you be wearing and/or equipped with excessive use of aftershave/perfume, nail polish, false nails, and/or false eyelashes
  5. This is a working brewery and as such, there will be equipment that if disrupted, may cause injury. Be cautious about touching, moving or leaning on things around you.
  6. Appropriate shoes and clothing should be worn to avoid slips, trips or falls. Shoes should be fully enclosed, non-slip shoes that cover both toes and heels. If you do not have appropriate clothing or footwear, you will not be allowed to enter the brewery.

Please ensure to arrive promptly for the start of the tour. No refund will be offered partial or whole for late or nonattendance. Our tours last for two hours with generous samples provided throughout, please therefore ensure a designated driver has been determined prior to the tour starting. We understand life throws curve balls and you may need to update your tour attendance. Any cancellation requests submitted 14 calendar days before the date of your tour will be applicable for a 100% refund. Any cancellation requests submitted 7 calendar days before the date of your tour will be applicable for a 50% refund. Any cancellation requests submitted with less than 7 calendar days before the date of your tour will be applicable for a 0% refund. We offer a 10% discount to tour attendees, restricted to Hawkstone products only, it is not applicable to Diddly Squat products or at the various food trucks on site.