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The Brewery Opening Hours: Thursday 11am-8pm (except quiz night 9pm)

Free UK delivery above £40

Free UK delivery above £40

Fast 2-5 day delivery

Fast 2-5 day delivery

90+ % of orders delivered within 2 days

90+ % of orders delivered within 2 days

Hard to Make - Easy to Drink

Hard to Make - Easy to Drink

Hawkstone Premium Lager, 4.8%

The Iconic One

The original Hawkstone Lager. Bold, yet balanced, with a smooth body and top notes of light citrus complemented by a subtle, crisp bitterness and malty backbone. Setting the standard for a British Premium Lager.

Rich / Citrus / Malty

50L kegs, 330ml bottles

Hawkstone Session Lager, 4%

The One of Many

We call it our session lager with good reason: light on the palate, subtly hopped, with a sweet, biscuity malt finish. The Hawkstone Session is not just easy-drinking, but it’s also incredibly moreish.

Light / Pale / Malty

50L kegs, 330ml bottles

Hawkstone Cider, 5%

The Freshly Pressed One

Using fresh apples picked locally, our master cider makers ferment with champagne yeast and mature the cider for up to 6 months, before cold-filtering to create a 5% medium dry cider that’s full of flavour and character. Never from concentrate, never pasteurised.

Fresh pressed / Medium-Dry

50L kegs, 500ml bottles

Hawkstone 3.8 Pils, 3.8%

The Discerning One

In keeping with the classic style, our Pils places the hops at the forefront and packs character into this light-bodied lager. Once poured, the beer gives off distinct fruity and floral aromas and, upon tasting, provides grapefruit notes up-front followed by a light, bittersweet finish.

Aromatic / Light / Fruity

50L kegs, 330ml bottles

Hawkstone IPA, 4.8%

The Hoppy One

Using a combination of the finest, characterful hops we could find, Hawkstone IPA is a treat for the senses. With bursts of tropical and citrus, and richness from the malt, it’s perfectly balanced with the hop bitterness that runs through.

Hoppy / Fruity / Caramel

50L kegs, 330ml bottles

Hawkstone Spa Lager, 0.3%

The Low Alcohol One

Taking a break from alcohol? Sit back, relax, and pamper yourself with the world’s first wellness lager. This one’s been masterfully brewed and comes in at just 0.3% alcohol. Stress melts away with every sip. It’s zen in a can and absolutely f**king delicious.

Crisp / Clean / Refreshing

330ml cans

Hawkstone Limited Editions

Mysterious Quarterly Releases

We mix it up every quarter with limited release brews. Bringing you everything from 5.5% dark lager to 6.2% Red Brew and 4% summer Sundowner.

Red Brew / Wonker / Sundowner / Hare Raiser

30L / 50L kegs, 330ml cans / bottles

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