How we make our unbelievably smooth Hawkstone Vodka

Aug 2023
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Vodka might not be the first thing you think about when you think of Hawkstone, but you should – because tasting Hawkstone Vodka is an almost religious experience. Smooth doesn't even begin to describe the taste. 

With all hands on deck down at Diddly Squat getting ready for the imminent wheat harvest, we thought you might like a peek into how we make our vodka with help from the Wood brothers in Oxfordshire – and the high-quality Diddly Squat wheat behind every silky smooth, incredibly creamy drop.

Using the finest wheat from British farms, we take it down the road to the Wood brothers' authentic British distillery for them to work their magic. The process is incredibly hard work and meticulous, but the results are worth all the sweat.

It's life-changing vodka, whether you have it neat or with a mixer. And it’s a game-changer when you use it in cocktails. You'll wonder how you ever drank vodka from any other country. British farms just do it better.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s Jeremy being gently roasted over a missing comma on the label. (Which, in his defence, wasn’t actually his fault.)

And we swear that Jeremy does now know the difference between barley and wheat. We had a cheat sheet made. Laminated and everything.

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