Product recall: Cider batch L3160

Jul 2023
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20 July

Important update
Please check to see if you have any cider at home from a small batch L3160. Some of the cider in this batch has started re-fermenting which means that some bottles are prone to leakages and/or breakages. Due to it being in glass bottles and pressurised, please do handle this with the utmost care.

What’s happened?
The issue is related to batch L3160. The batch ID is written on top of the caps followed by a time-stamp.

Some of cider in this batch can become over-carbonated (too fizzy) because of the active champagne yeast which can either cause leaking or breakage - If your latest order has this batch ID and you haven’t drunk it yet it, please dispose of it as soon as possible safely.

What to do with your bottles
Please immediately begin a safe disposal wearing protective gear i.e. glasses and gloves. Please open the bottles under water. Please watch video of how to dispose of it.


It’s not dangerous to consume
If you’ve drunk it, there’s nothing to worry about. It might have been a bit tangy, but these things can happen when you use high quality natural ingredients like we do.

How we’re fixing it
We’re really very sorry about this. Please get rid of your cider bottles, take a photo of the amount of caps you couldn’t drink as a result and contact us at with the your order ID and whether you’d like a new case or a refund. We will refund/reship.

If you can't dispose of it safely yourself
In case you can't or won't dispose of it safely yourself, please email us at with your address and a few time slots where we can come by picking up. Please do place the bottles in a plastic container with a lid, so that if they do break, glass won't be flying everywhere. Please wear protective glasses and gloves whilst handling the product.

Last updated:
23 July 1.30 pm; instruction video of how to dispose of it and instructions if one would like the bottles to be picked up.

Update log:
21 July, 1pm; wording clarification

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