The Great Big Hawkstone Advent Calendar Giveaway

Nov 2023
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Jeremy's full of the Christmas spirit right now, so he's celebrating by giving you the chance to win prizes from his cave of wonders (aka his shed) throughout December. Here's how our Big Hawkstone Advent Calendar Giveaway works. And most importantly, how you can enter.

Jeremy Claus has been digging through his shed to find some brilliant and some less brilliant prizes to give away to you very lucky people. The grand prize is a Jeep Wrangler made famous in the Colombia special of The Grand Tour – namely when Richard Hammond crashed into it. (Naturally.) The jury's out on whether it works, but it's a piece of TV history.

Entering is easy. For everything you buy from us from 25 November to 24 December – whether it's a case of beer, some Hawkstone merch like a hoodie, or a Christmas bundle – you'll get an entry into the draw. We'll pick one winner every day from 1–25 December.

Prizes up for grabs:

1. The grand prize: one Jeep Wrangler from The Grand Tour Columbia Special.

2. 25 bundles of two tickets to The World According To Kaleb: Kaleb Goes On Tour.

3. Twelve random prizes of some... Well... Some less sexy but undeniably iconic items from The Farm, including a rubber glove, an egg, a welly boot, some straw from Diddly Squat, and a random key to something.

Right, now that we've done the exciting stuff, here are the boring legal bits:

Each order counts as one entry

Winners are chosen at random

We’ll contact you by email if you’re a lucky winner

Full terms and conditions are available here.

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