The Hawkstonian Racehorse

Apr 2024
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Hawkstonians now own a racehorse with their favourite Hawkstonian-in-Chief: Jeremy Clarkson.

Meet our majestic racehorse: The Hawkstonian. He's a champion-in-waiting and we can’t wait to see how he does. We teamed up with our friends at Old Gold Racing to give Hawkstonians the chance to own a share along with Jeremy and over 700 Hawkstonians bought shares.

Saddled up for an adventure

Not only were loyal Hawkstonians guaranteed a share as part of the Hawkstone Racing syndicate, they also got a 10% discount on the usual share price from Old Gold Racing. Our Hawkstonians and Jeremy get to back a (future) winner with:

  • An equal share of any prize money he wins

  • Owners badges and chances to go to his races

  • Chance to visit him at his yard to say hello

  • Regular behind-the-scenes updates on how he's doing

  • An owner-only app for events, exclusive discounts from Old Gold Racing and much more

Find Out More about The Hawkstonian and Old Gold Racing

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